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Com64 artist interview 001: Fred Wace

We kick off our artist interviews with an up and coming artist by the name of Fred Wace. Check out his surreal hallucinogenic creations and marvel at his kaleidoscopic stylings!

Bastard Sunz Waiting for Tilla Ep out now!

Bastard Sunz - Waiting for Tilla EP out now !!

The Red Shark Soundsystem

Red Shark Soundsystem - Ones to watch!

Behold! The C64 Dub siren

A first attempt at DIY siren making; with picture and video clip of the final product.


Child soldier by hoax, akarat and helped by the fourth munky

Child soldier by hoax, akarat and helped by the fourth munky



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Dj Rogue Presents Best of British Breaks

Promo video from innoFADER UK for the forth coming digital scratch battle tool from DJ Rogue Best of British available from you nearest download store. Enjoy!

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New beat in progress … its a chilly one! ;)

Heres a beat that me and a mate (Virus) came up with a week or so but after the computer crashed and we realised we only had one corrupted save of the project we thought that was that. But that wasnt the case and mysteriously a week later the corrupted file decided to work! Heres an unfinished version to check out with the finished one on its way very soon.

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Com64 artist interview 001: Fred Wace

We kick off our Com64 artist interview section in style with an artist who has dazzled and amazed us with his trippy interweaved styles and colour schemes, we caught up with Fred to catch a glimpse of the character behind these awesome artworks!

(Click any of the images below to see them full size)

1.For the people who might not know you, can you tell us a bit about who you are and what you do?

I am 25 years old and living in an old barn at the moment, in dorset, with my dog. There’s always a lot of nonsense happening here and the music is always on. Some people have described my art as expressionism, or surrealism, but I like to mix it up a bit.

2.Your pieces are really intricate and must take a while to complete, how do you conceive your ideas? 

From start to finish maybe a month or so, but most of my paintings are on large canvases and I’m very good at distracting myself. There’s lots of doodles at the beginning which then slowly get pieced together, and gradually it evolves into something good. Also hallucinogens usually have some part to play in the creative process. 6914844024_563054ae57_b_0

3.What sort of things do you draw inspiration from? 

I love symmetry, weird animals, jungle plants and powerful imagery. Fractals appear quite often, and there always seem to be skulls in my work. I admire the contrast between different things like death and beauty, light and dark, rough and smooth, good and evil, because they compliment and exaggerate each other.

4. What has been your favourite medium to work with?

I use anything I can really, acrylics are ideal for what I do and you can mix iridescent paint in with it.
Liquid latex is interesting stuff for creating effects and I’ve been creating 3D pictures recently using clear epoxy resin. The odd can of montana is put to use when I can afford it.


5.When not doing art, what else do you enjoy doing?

I read quite a lot and I’ve been lucid dreaming every morning with varying results. Occasionally I take liquid acid. My closed eye visuals are far better than any artwork I have seen and I’ve learnt to control it slightly to the point where I can imagine something and it will then materialise, but in amazing detail. So I have learnt to design bizarre creatures in my mind.

6.Can you set the scene for how you would get into the zone for painting / drawing and do you find it easy to get there?

Down tempo music is always good, and coffee of course. I only draw when I’m in a good mood, which is most of the time. I will draw a squiggle, then see something interesting and get side tracked for an hour, come back and draw for four hours straight, and then rub it all out.

7.What would be your dream project?

A dream project would be working on a massive public wall mural using very accurate, laser cut stencils with the distinguishing characteristic being some sort of quirky architectural element which has been harmoniously incorporated into the picture. It’s hard to explain. Maybe something similar to what those brazilian guys painted on boomble castle in scotland.


8. Any artists / styles that you are really feeling at the moment?

There are many other artists who I admire. I discovered Michael Parkes and Joe Fenton the other day and their artwork is completely sublime and definitely worth looking at. I’m currently trying to concentrate on more illustrative, pen and ink stuff, so Ralph Steadman is an obvious influence. For slightly morbid art I like to look at the work of Giger and Kris Kuksi.

9.Whats the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Not so sure on that, but I generally tell myself to accept life as an awesome bundle of possibilities and then go out and have as much fun as I can possibly get away with.

10.Where can people find your work?

I don’t often get the chance to exhibit much, but a lot of my work is now on www.fredwace.co.uk

11. Whats your plans for the future?

I’m in the middle of painting an absolute masterpiece, which is very exciting. Eventually I will get into the upmarket/underground London/Bristol art scene, and then start selling paintings.
My first solo exhibition will be in mayfair october 16th 2012.


- Massive thanks to Fred for doing the interview and if your liking his stuff dont forget to check out his website www.fredwace.co.uk to see the rest!

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