About Com64

The Coin-op militia is a rag tag bunch of  artistic and musical mercenaries – who come together to form Com64. An elite squadron whose skills were honed feeding coin slots in dingy arcades in the 90s.

Started in Bristol back in 2008 Com64 was set up to facilitate collaborations between a few like minded people with varying interests and styles, a site was made to act as a platform to get finished work out to the wider community.

As time progressed we outgrew our old site and with the help of a close militia compadre our prayers were answered… a new site was forged for us. Our shiny new site has an ever increasing archive of members work, 3 dedicated media blogs for music, technology and visual stuff, and a direct link to the artists themselves via their blog posts and profiles.

Aswell as content from the Militia members were gonna be bringing you musical history, interviews and articles with local big name and underground artists.

For all the Music heads we will be having regular track / mixtape giveaways as well as a growing collection of tools for scratching and producing music. And that’s not even the half of it.

We are working on projects and events over a whole range of styles and media with some very interesting people.

We’ll be bringing all of this to you via this website along with our events and promotions around the UK.

Our goal is comprehensive, to create an archive of high quality music, video, art and information for anybody and everybody to access, and to act as a place for our members to post whatever they feel like and to interact and network with one another.


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