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Originally from the zektana nebulous , Vekta Zig comes in peace with the sole purpose of raiding the crates of every man woman and child to find the only the choicey-est sounds to bring back home with him. A fan of many things check out some of his endeavours to mimic and recreate human sound art and music, and see where he ends up next on his dig around the solar system.

New — Digikal Murder Mix

Casio casio casio!

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New Roots Mix just uploaded.

Sending vibes down to Londinium for our homie Akarat, 2 hours of Roots and culture to switch up the levels to niceness.

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New artworks coming from Com64 !

Theres lots going on in the shadows of Com64 at the moment, hopefully things will start getting updated a bit more frequently this year as there is a number of different artists all pushing their own output forward. Heres a couple of the first pieces of 2017 so far:

Matchbox Mural by Klue + Akarat

Matchbox Mural by Klue + Akarat

Akarat - Youth of today

Akarat – Youth of today

Akarat -  Not all that glitters

Akarat – Not all that glitters

Com64 + Kaya Island Stencil

Com64 + Kaya Island Stencil

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Some tapes to kick off the sessions section in the media library !



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Funk up your Christmas with a new Xmas mixtape


Its that time of year again, people are divided; some love the festive period, some hate it. The eagerly anticipated follow up to the 2008 Com64 mixtape ‘Glock in your stocking’ has finally arrived. Com64 have made another mixtape that will get the Humbuggers buggin out and festive funkers funkin. So sit back, spark a dutch master and say funk Christmas!

Com64 2014 Funk Christmas
and check out where the idea started:

Glock in ya Stocking 2008

All tapes are available for streaming and download from the Media library

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2014 Com64 Roundup

So whats the Militia been up to this year?

To kick things off we put a track up online in January called Planes of Reality featuring Sean Peng, Moth man, Bad News and beat by King Lew.

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Mililitia Boy Update Part 1

Power Ups Template_Default@2xThe year is 2020.Power Ups Template_Default@2xThe government, the Demi-cons are in cahoots with shadow billionaire media tycoon Ronald Burdok have brainwashed the nation by intercepting broadcasts to all digital platforms.
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