Akarat's Profile
Bristol artist whose background is based around hip hop and reggae culture, whose work highlights issues in and of society. Over time, more complex ideas have developed that have forced the work into the gallery environment. His practice is still heavily centred around graffiti collaborations with Hoax, and their large stencil works seen around Bristol. The techniques and tools used are simple and low tech. Stencil, spray paint, free hand, collage, rollers, painting and decorating tools are the weapons of choice; imagery is culled from life or printed cult newspapers, comics, leaflets
DJ Rogue/Buju Banter's Profile
Turntablist , Producer , Bristol Veteran
Scratch DJ Producer Lovely chap
KLUE's Profile
Artist / Illustrator / Designer from Bristol
Moth Man's Profile
Half man half moth, Hails from the edge of no-where ville.HIP HOP MC and director of visual oddities.
Hoax's Profile
Hoax is a graffiti artist in Bristol. Using stencils hoax paints outside to create political statements or sometimes less so. Hoax often collaborates with Akarat and there collabs can be seen all over Bristol. Hoax is heavily influenced by the urban landscape and city life. When working inside on canvases these influences can be seen, trying to experiment and blend boundaries between inside and outside art. So far so good ......
Vekta Zig's Profile
DJ , Producer , Nerd
Originally from the zektana nebulous , Vekta Zig comes in peace with the sole purpose of raiding the crates of every man woman and child to find the only the choicey-est sounds to bring back home with him. A fan of many things check out some of his endeavours to mimic and recreate human sound art and music, and see where he ends up next on his dig around the solar system.