Patches for the Microkorg

If your working on Pc id reccomend going over to http://daz.korgforums.com/ and grabbing the Sysxplorer to transfer patches with minimum hassle from your Pc to your Microkorg.

Not to worry if your on a Mac because there is MS2000 Librarian which does the job just as nicely again you can find it one the link provided above. We cant take any credit for the software or patches, but if you enjoy the programs and want to show your appreciation head to the korg forums and say hello to Daz who created these very useful bits of software.

Another way – (Using the Microkorg Sound editor)

To import the Presets -

I am assuming you have created something similar to an ‘Imported Presets’ folder in My Library eg. My Library/microKORG/Imported Presets, if not create one now.

Due to a bug you cannot drag and drop directly into this Imported Presets folder. Navigate to the ‘Imported Presets’ folder in My Library and with that folder open go to File/Explorer in the editor menu. This will open the Imported Presets folder outside of the editor software where it is originally located at My Documents/Korg/My Library/Imported Presets (on Win XP – may be different in Vista/Win 7). Now drag and drop new preset files into this Imported Presets folder – then close it. You will be taken back to the Imported Presets folder inside the editor software and it will look empty – don’t panic, the files have transferred. Just navigate to My Library and then back to the Imported Presets folder and the new presets will appear !! You can now drag and drop these as required within the editor interface.

To write the Presets -

Hold down Shift key and Press 8. The display reads GtP. Turn the 1 knob to
switch Write Protect OFF. Press 8 again to execute.
Hold down Shift key and press 7. The display reads PLd. Turn knob 1 to select a
single program (1Pg) or data for All Programs (Pr9).
Press 7 to execute

Hopefully these will save you abit of time searching the cold dark realms of cyberspace, I know the first time i tried this it was a 4 in the morning job with a dead eye stare and many many many failed attempts. So good luck and look below to snaffle the goods.

Just click on the rather fetching 8bit korg below to get a zip with all the patches we have found so far.

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