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Welcome to the tech tips section where members will be adding info they have found useful in developing and understanding their crafts.

How to setup an xbox 360 pad to work with ableton

So maybe not the most useful tech tip to start with but this can be good if you want to have a mix without using your computer keyboard and you still want to be able to assign a few controls and be able to use the mouse. You will need a free program called Glovepie and a PC as this is a Pc only program. Check inside for more details

Selection of patches for the Microkorg

After scouring the internet we managed to collect a selection of patches that will be a welcome addition to any microkorg owners arsenal of sounds. In future we will be adding to this with our own patches from different militia members, keep an eye out for some dubsiren patches aswell!

Tired of midi assignments? Remote scripts for Nanokontrol

If you own one or more of these nanokontrollers and are getting frustrated assigning them over and over then maybe this could of interest.This script creates a profile for the nanokontrol in Abletons control surfaces panel and allows you to have it auto mapped with out any midi assigning necessary.

Com64 top 5 music apps for Iphone, Android and Ipad

Tired of the same old same old apps on the iphone and ipad? We give you the low down on some essential apps that wont break the bank and that you will find regular use for in music production and jamming.

Zig’s sample / drum rack launchpad setup with added automap goodness

How to use launchpad as a sample / drum rack with automap, aswell as keeping all launchpad native functionality with ableton.

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