Turn your Xbox 360 pad into a midi controller and mouse!

This might not be especially useful but when you have an xbox pad lying around and some time to kill im sure you’ll find a reaosn to try this out. (BTW this doesnt actually use MIDI but you can still set it up to control music software like ableton)

What you’ll need:

Glove pie software
An Xbox 360 pad

Once you have installed glovie pie connect up your xbox pad and load up the glove pie software. The menus are pretty complicated at first but they are pretty straight forward once you know what your doing. Heres a diagram showing you how to detect signals from the pad and how to convert them.

When trying this out i had the A,B,X,Y buttons assigned to loop amounts eg. 2 bars , 4bars , 0 to turn off looping.The D pad was the arrow keys and the joysticks were set to control the mouse functions. Heres a diagram:

Download the glove pie file for the example above here

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