Mililitia Boy Update Part 1

Power Ups Template_Default@2xThe year is 2020.Power Ups Template_Default@2xThe government, the Demi-cons are in cahoots with shadow billionaire media tycoon Ronald Burdok have brainwashed the nation by intercepting broadcasts to all digital platforms.

A group of freedom fighters known as Com64 set out to fight back by building a weapon dubbed the Retrobeast; out of analog audio equipment. You, Militia Boy, must take on missions from various militia members to collect the parts needed to concoct the Retrobeast and thwart Ronald Burdock and the Demi-Cons sinister plan.

The Idea

To build an 8bit arcade style platform game based around Bristol and featuring members of the Militia as characters set to a custom Com64 chiptune soundtrack.

Inspired by Bad News’ idea to rebuild a set of Com64 mario canvases that Vekta Zig has on the wall as a playable game. mario canvases

Inspired by Bad News’ idea to rebuild a set of Com64 mario canvases as a playable game. mario canvases

Progress is underway though and throughout the summer we have been getting to grips with the Software and creating sprites (the graphics the game is built on). We will be updating the site as and when we have new stuff to show but for now you can check out some of the screen shots of the first level we have created . Soon we aim to have some beta versions for people to test out aswell so check back to stay up to date with Militia Boy news.

Check the first sneak peak preview!

Vekta Zig

About Vekta Zig

Originally from the zektana nebulous , Vekta Zig comes in peace with the sole purpose of raiding the crates of every man woman and child to find the only the choicey-est sounds to bring back home with him. A fan of many things check out some of his endeavours to mimic and recreate human sound art and music, and see where he ends up next on his dig around the solar system.
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