//the crates

Another page of links – short description few images and then links to pages created by the authors – featuring run downs of classic material and short bios, starting off with hip hop and its origins and roots we hope to eventually cover the whole scope of different styles that have developed from the elements that make up the sections outlined below .


we have a whle load of sick scratch videos to watch with info on some of the lesser know folks. All organised into an awesome list of turntablist talent from throughout the ages


Here you will find some of our favourite lyricists and some of the tracks we feel show them at their best. The list is on going but rest assured the bars in side are gonna be fyah!


Crate digging and loop hunting has been a staple food of champions in hip hop since it started. Here you can find out about classic breaks and some more unknown varieties and see how they have been sampled over the years.

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