First look at the 2015 Militant Times

banner militant times

Hoax and Akarat, Com64′s resident vagabonds have up till now been focussed on collaborating on canvases and walls but now are adding another string to their bows with a new visual newspaper ‘The Militant Times‘.

The paper will be released just after the new year and will be left in undisclosed locations around the centre of Bristol and gloucester rd. It will feature unique screen printed works from the militia and guests and will have a limited number of runs and issues, see if you can find a copy come January 2015!

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If your interested in contributing to a future issue send us a preview of your to work


About Hoax

Hoax is a graffiti artist in Bristol. Using stencils hoax paints outside to create political statements or sometimes less so. Hoax often collaborates with Akarat and there collabs can be seen all over Bristol. Hoax is heavily influenced by the urban landscape and city life. When working inside on canvases these influences can be seen, trying to experiment and blend boundaries between inside and outside art. So far so good ......
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