2014 Com64 Roundup

So whats the Militia been up to this year?

To kick things off we put a track up online in January called Planes of Reality featuring Sean Peng, Moth man, Bad News and beat by King Lew.

League of Shadows (a new conglomerate of bristol mc’s and producers) first video debuts featuring production and scratches from DJ Rogue

A few new large pieces of art appeared around town. One piece was even tidied up and given a clean background instead of being removed by the new owners, gotta love living in Bristol!

Vekta Zig (Formally Jahgon) has been getting on the mashups and some of his own productions. Also cracking on with the artwork side of things with canvases and prints in the pipeline and a new sticker design created with our good friend Sam over at Jungle Syndicate.

Mothman debuted in Bristol this summer, playing at events in Lakota Bristol and a sweaty showcase for Diggers day at Maggie Scratchers record shop during a particularly warm weekend.

Those are just a few of things that 2014 has seen from the Militia, but stay tuned because the best is yet to come.

Vekta Zig

About Vekta Zig

Originally from the zektana nebulous , Vekta Zig comes in peace with the sole purpose of raiding the crates of every man woman and child to find the only the choicey-est sounds to bring back home with him. A fan of many things check out some of his endeavours to mimic and recreate human sound art and music, and see where he ends up next on his dig around the solar system.
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